Thursday, June 23, 2011

Iowa City residency June/July 2011

We are playing 3 shows next week in Iowa City and we wanna spit in your face at all of them:

6/29 @ The Mill w/ Cacaw (Chicago), Los Voltage, Slut River

7/1 @ Blue Moose Taphouse for Firecracker 500 Fest w/ White Suns (Brooklyn), Big Box, Solid Attitude, Terrible Twos, Blackbelts, Paul Cary and The People's Temple

7/4 @ The Abyss (3815 480th st sw), Billy and Pete's huge 23rd annual farm 4th of July party w/ Acoustic Guillotine, Chance in Hell, Bree Nettie, GRG, Nerv, Wax Cannon, Slut River, Quentin Duarte, more?

We are super pumped to have the opportunity to play with Cacaw again on the 29th, DONT MISS IT. It's only 5 bucks and this is definitely close to if not THE most brutal show you'll ever see at The Mill. 'BAT SKIN ROBES' is the title of their new album, soon to be released on LP through Permanent Records and on cassette tape for this tour. Here's the first song: BBAD

We're opening that Saturday @ Firecracker 500, we start right at 7PM, followed by White Suns from Brooklyn, really wicked punk-noise freakout. Big Box, featuring Colin from SSP, will be rounding out the opening Firecracker freakout for Saturday night.

The 4th of July party is an all-day affair starting at noon, don't know yet when we'll play, so show up on time. Just googly googly google that address. Camping is encouraged. No fireworks, kegs or tweekers!

After these three shows in town we will be taking a break from playing shows in Iowa City to work on new tunes and recording for our new fall release, as of yet TBA. Collaboration with a wizard is planned.

Our record, accidentally titled "Umbilical Noose" but really just SELF TITLED (our fault)... was just "reviewed" in Vice magazine for their June issue, pick up a free copy at any bookstore or check out the review online here (bout half way down the page)

See you next week!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Supersonic Piss- Go Home Dad, You're Drunk Pt. 2

SSP is back home in iowa city! after a month long tour, some gnarly fuckin drives, meeting some real DOWN people and playing with some WILD bands....we are back to sleeping in our shitty ass beds and wearing semi-clean underwear. it was a lot of fun and we appreciate everyone along the way for letting us smelly iowans crash your pad and eat your food.

we've got some goofy tour footage that we will be posting eventually along with some silly photos...

but until then we've got this video that our dear friend, Lexi Lutter, put together. SSP had one hell of a time in her basement doing a photo shoot which later turned into our first music video. we've been wanting to do one of these bad boys for a while and goddamnit we sure are glad that Lexi was in on it.

in the meantime ssp will be writing new songs and LET'S HOPE PLANNING ANOTHER tour for the fall.