Wednesday, July 10, 2013

This is kind of a tough one, because I DON'T KNOW WHERE TO START. Mostly, because we haven't updated the blog in over a year.  We put out a sick fucking 7" that John Hopkins mastered and recorded and Youth Camp out of Seattle put out for us. You can download it here. .  Josh normally does these updates making this one a little messy.

Most of our friends and family know that SSP is coming close to an end.  We are gonna pack these last couple of weeks with a lot of fun.  Last night we got uber fucked up after band practice and reminisced about the last four years, from Gussy Down to SSP, from Jason/the Ultimate/Chouser to Joe Ross, from not knowing how to be in a band to making sense of it.  We had a go.  We toured, Josh saw some fucking mountains, Joe Ross used a cat pissed sleeping bag for three weeks, Colin slept walked in a bunch of new cities and creeped some fuckers out, and I freaked out in Florida that one time after stealing donuts.  We aren't ending this project on a bad note or anything, guys.  Josh is going for some new endeavors in D.C.  and Colin is moving to MN to luthier school. Joe Ross and I will be holding down Iowa City for at least another year until we, too, want to get the fuck out of the midwest.  I'm happy to say that we will be recording our last songs that we wrote, this Sunday, with Flat Black Studios - be on the lookout for a tape/7"/something in the Fall.

I'm gonna miss these fuckers and this band.  Yeah, yeah, yeah let's get sap.  I learned a lot from my boys.  Jason, Colin, and Josh, basically, pulled me down from painting in my studio one day to smoke a blunt and yell into a mic.  I didn't know what the fuck I was doing.  The first show we played at The Mill, my back was turned towards the crowd the whole time.   I was a mess.  Slowly, I started to get my stage presence and a feel for the music and the boys were always encouraging.  If there was a part that I couldn't wrap my head around, Colin would help me listen to it over and over,  Josh would do his head bop to let me know when to come in, and Joe Ross would raise his eyebrows and grin.  Now, I DON'T EVEN NEED THAT SHIT AND WE'RE ENDING? No, but foreal. I couldn't ask for better band mates.  These guys are always and forever my family.  I got to travel the states with some of the smelliest weirdos of my life.  THANKS DUDES.

Also, thanks to Rotted Tooth Recordings - the best label and the best of buds.  Anyone who ever came to a show and moved around, bought our record/merch, IOWA CITY, Joe Milik for always being a supporter, Brendan Wells - fuck all of These Needles, Joe Huermann for all the silk screening/artwork/support,  The Liz, Kyle Reynolds for that one time in Texas(?which time?), Donnie Bandy for just being Donnie Bandy, Ray Malone, John Hopkins, Luke Tweedy, the Sameks, Dawn, and anyone else who let us smellies crash with you and play a show with you in the last four years!  THANKS FUCKERS!

July 20th in Chicago - gotta go to this site to buy tickets then you can find out where the address is. 
July 23rd in Iowa City - at the Breast Imaging Center. ask if you don't know.

I will go through some of my favorite tour photos and post those later.



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